Waitlist information: I do keep a waitlist that effects my turn-around times. This list varies, but typically has at least a few people on it. Please contact me to reserve your spot. At the time of your reservation I will discuss what your goal is (physical artwork, digital, logo design, etc). Once you’re next in line I will get in touch to go more in-depth about your design ideas.

Lead time: This varies, but I typically stay 2-3 weeks out. Sometimes it is less, sometimes more.

Pricing: Pricing varies widely by product and size. Some general guidelines that I START with are;

Logos: $150

Tables: $150

Rope Cans: $250

These are starting guidelines and can go up according to size, detail, etc. 

Ordering information for custom work: I take custom orders strictly by email or direct message. At that time I can discuss pricing information for a particular piece or item.